Why a #greenwestway?

The Westway flyover connects central London with the west, stretching 3.5 miles from Marylebone to Shepherds Bush, through Little Venice and Portobello. Its significance as a thoroughfare is reflected in its status as one of London’s busiest and most polluting roads. The Westway’s endless  traffic is a source of constant noise pollution and poor air quality for the thousands of households and businesses located near it.

Recent years have seen the beginning of major developments along the Westway route in each of the three councils that the flyover passes through. In Westminster the Futures Plan aims to transform the Paddington Green area over the next 15-20 years, in Kensington and Chelsea the £60m  Kensington Academy and Leisure Centre project has started construction, and in Hammersmith and Fulham the White City Opportunity Area was established to encourage investment from the likes of Westfield and Imperial College; not to mention the enormous Crossrail project running parallel to the flyover from Westborne Park to Paddington. The result of these projects has already reduced some green space for local people, and could worsen the already above average noise and air pollution.

This campaign seeks to redress some of the current and future problems that the Westway will pose to an ever-increasing number of businesses and local people along the route. Inspired by the Bell Phillips Architects Green Arteries proposal we would like a green overcoat to be added to the flyover to reduce the noise pollution and heat sink effect it causes and to increase biodiversity along the route. We hope to harness the  interest of the developments along the route to give something back to the communities residing and working alongside the Westway.

Alternatives are possible. The Mayor of London’s has signalled his intentions with a plan to redevelop the road with purpose built cycle lanes, adding to the interests on the Westway, this is a great opportunity to think about how it affects its immediate environment. Let’s start the conversation for a #greenwestway .

Follow us on Twitter: @greenwestway and pledge support by signing our petition.

If you have suggestions on how to improve the campaign, questions about it or anything else, contact us via email: greenwestway [at] gmail.com


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