Green Arteries

The Bell Phillips architects’ Green Arteries project for the 2012 High Line for London competition provides a major source of inspiration for the Green Westway campaign. Their proposal for a green retrofit on London’s flyovers, would see a green overcoat to reduce noise pollution, improve biodiversity, and help counter the heat sink effect that sees asphalt roads increase the temperature of the surrounding area. The images below detail how this is envisioned.



The Green Westway campaign strongly champions this type of intervention on the Westway. The bare minimum for any Westway intervention should be the introduction of sound barriers. So rather than erect  barriers solely to counteract the Westway’s noise pollution, why not take advantage of this opportunity to create spaces that are both green and productive, which can accommodate a wide range of planting and wildlife? Lot’s of low maintenance wildflowers  can help boost both bee populations and act as an air filter, and the local success of the living wall outside Edgware Road station sets a symbolic precedent for the maintenance of vertical plantations that can thrive in this environment. Let’s make the Westway a Green Artery!


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