W10 car free day, 0km Portobello mushrooms, carnival update

Hello all from beneath the A40 flyover, here’s a quick autumn update from Green Westway –

1. W10 Car free day

With the highly publicised success of Paris car free days, why not create temporary glimpses of a car free future in W10 / W11? Green Westway is aiming to establish a regular local car free day. The scope of this remains to be defined, it could be a pledge from businesses and schools to not use cars for one day, or it could be a/(some) traffic free street(s) for a set amount of time.

1938 Ladbroke Grove

Traffic free Ladbroke Grove in 1938 from rbkclocalstudies.wordpress.com

Reducing car use is the only way for us to improve air quality and health, and in time we need to extend cycle routes and bike sharing opportunities north of the Westway (where they are currently lacking) to support long-term alternatives to car use. If you want to help make this a reality – get in touch greenwestway@gmail.com

In other air news, TfL and the Mayor have launched a consultation on London air quality, proposals include the implementation of an Emissions Surcharge, and a call for ideas to improving the Ultra Low Emission Zone, that is being brought forward to 2019. Anyone interested should feedback here before 18 December: https://consultations.tfl.gov.uk/environment/air-quality-consultation-phase-2?cid=airquality-consultation

2. 0km Portobello mushrooms

Have you ever wondered what happens to coffee rinds used by our local shops? Could coffee from local cafes be collected to grow portobello mushrooms that are then sold on the market? Following our 0km blog, we are looking into starting a collection operation to support growing portobello mushrooms for Portobello Road. If anyone knows a space for growing, has capacity to collect, or wants to help make this a reality, get in touch – greenwestway@gmail.com


image from plantcaretoday.com

3. Carnival and heritage

Since the Notting Hill Carnival finished, worrying noises seem to be pushing for its displacement – http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/mp-starts-bid-to-get-carnival-moved-out-of-notting-hill-a3366281.html

Our petition to get the Westway recognised as a part of UNESCO World Heritage gathered over 1,000 signatures in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately since then, it has come to light that the UK is not a signatory to the UNESCO’s intangible cultures article. This means that for Carnival to become protected by the UN it would require the British government to become a signature to the law first. With the looming post-Brexit future around the corner, we need to safeguard our culture by petitioning the government to become a signatory and for the carnival to become the first British intangible culture that is protected by UNESCO for its contribution to world culture. At the same time it will be important to develop a clear social and economic case for the carnival remaining in the streets of Notting Hill. If anyone has any ideas, or wants to support this, please get in touch greenwestway@gmail.com


Early carnival image from rockins.co.uk

Thanks for reading if you got this far! Get in touch on twitter @greenwestway or via email listed above.


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