Does the Westway flyover have to be a polluting inevitability?

Why does the 3.5 mile Westway flyover that connects central London to the West have to be a polluting inevitability?

It doesn’t. This campaign seeks reconfigure the local community’s relationship with the Westway by placing the people living around the road at the heart of a dialogue over its future. This means promoting community spaces beneath the flyover and addressing the air and noise pollution generated by this hangover of 1960s planning.

Green Westway’s goal is to raise awareness of environmental issues  around the Westway, and facilitate more conscious and sustainable neighbourhoods around it.

Here are some measures we are initially campaigning for:

  • Retrofitting the Westway with green walls to reduce noise and air pollution, and increase biodiversity
  • Separating the football pitches by the flyover slip road with green screens
  • Integrating Blue Green Dream in local opportunity areas – White City OA and Old Oak OA
  • A transformation of the space between Bramley Road and Maxilla Park to instil a sense of place
  • The removal of the bright advertising hoardings by the sports centre that glare through people’s windows at night
  • The creation of a community space by the Regents canal, between Great Western Road and Harrow Road intersections
  • More local cycling facilities and the development of separated lanes and ramps on the Westway
  • Better pedestrian crossings at Royal Oak and Westbourne Bridge
  • A 20mph limit on Westway

We want to hear people’s views on how we can go about improving the Westway. Get in touch via email – greenwestway[at] or twitter – @greenwestway

Read our first and introductory blog post ‘Why a #greenWestway?’ by clicking here.


One comment

  1. I think this is the most wonderful idea.

    I was shocked to discover that K&C is the most polluted borough in London – this most expensive real estate!

    And nothing is being done about it.

    I look at the houses – often social housing – bordering on the motorway and wonder how they survive the noise and dirt.

    As a local resident, who can hear the motorway from our home on Westbourne Park Road – especially at night, this is the most brilliant concept.

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